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Washer ribbed belt
Features: Rubber Ribbed V belt has both the advantages of V belt and Flat belt. It has the characters: soft and tough, compact, efficient and so on.
Main features:
1. Transmission power. Under the same space, Its transmission power is nearly 30% higher. than ordinary V belt .
2. Tight transmission system, in the case of the same transmission power, transmission unit share of space 25% smaller than ordinary V belt.
3. With body thin, full flexibility to adapt to the small diameter drive pulley, but also for high-speed transmission with speed up to 40m / s; vibration, less heat, stable operation.
4. Resist heat, oil proof, abrasion resistant, use the stretch is short, long life to use..
The company Ribbed rubber products, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and production equipment, products, mainly raw materials (such as reinforcing materials, rubber, etc.) are from foreign professional market,. Product has passed state technical appraisal by the national key new product title, product quality reaches the advanced level of similar foreign products.
Rubber Ribbed belt has 5 models:
Type Line width for ribbed Height for tape Ribbed anglea 0.5
PH 1.6 3 40
PJ 2.34 4 40
PK 3.56 6 40
PL 4.7 10 40
PM 9.4 17 40
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